PLH® MakeUp® Deep Black
Toggles .... with color
PLH® Skin Deep Black - Toggle Gold

PLH® presents 

the toggles:


the standard switch


PLH ®, an epic srl brand, after being ranked for its product NEO in the 2013 ADI DESIGN INDEX, returns at the Salone del Mobile, guest of De Castelli (Pad. 16 Stand F50) with the new toggles designed for its MakeUp®, Skin, 24K and Slim switch plates collections.
PLH® toggles have been designed by epic, aiming to reinterpret an old-style element in the purest PLH ® style.
The possibility to fully customize this product is part of the idea that a technical product might have also an aesthetic function.
Being produced directly with a brass or aluminum layers, toggles increase PLH® collections customization options with a variety of materials, shapes, finishing and color treatments: anodizing, galvanizing, acids, paintings: liquid and powder.
Everything was already possible with PLH®, both on the switch plate surface and on the buttons, and now it is also possible for the toggles. This feature makes PLH® toggles an exclusive product worldwide.

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