Detail of K.2 in white

Make a wish 


i'm at Your command 

Keyboard is the new line of plates that replaces the classic switches with the best-known and most widespread interface: the computer keyboard, which invites users to interact and regulate the lighting of their own homes.
The Keyboard plates are a playful yet elegant combination, and they lend a new identity to the switch plate, more dynamic, intuitive and original. 

Keyboard Front
K total

From solid material
10 mm pure matter
  Each plate is produced from a sheet of aluminum, hollowed out in single mechanical operation using a CNC milling machine.
It is 10 mm and dimensions 81,0 x 81,0 mm

Black or White 
Infinite combinations
   It comes with 4, 2 and 1 normally open push buttons for extra low tension systems, with a black anodized coating or painted white on a natural micro-pebbled aluminum base, with laser-engraved letters and numbers.  Keyboard fits on a standard european wall-boxes.  
  K.4B (black)   K.2W (white)  
Keyboard frame: 
it fits all standard
  Keyboard frames are designed to be compatible with BTicino LivingLight, and the series 55mm standard German.