PLH with LG Display OLED panels


From 2016 PLH Makeup and PLH Skin collections will be including organic leds based on LG Display OLED panels in single and custom configurations for standard wallboxes. 3000°K - CRI 90 - 40000 hours integrated in unibody aluminium core in 2 different format: round or square 81 mm. 10 mm of depth. 

But numbers doesn't matter. You have to see and feel.

A new era has started!



Many chances: mood light - walk light - signage


The quality and the comfort of an OLED panel, give to PLH the skills to expand many applications following the special characteristics of Makeup and Skin collections. Wall and ceiling installations for mood light, walk light and signage. The right light for all your needs.

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About OLED and benefits


OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is an organic material-based surface light source.
The source of light is an EML 
(Emissive Layer) that responds to electric currents by emitting light.
Other layers such as, ETL (Electron Transport Layer), HTL (Hole Transport Layer) and HIL (Hole Injection Layer) optimize the flow of electric currents to maximize the EML`s  light emission.




The Closest Light Source to Natural Light
  • LG Display OLED light have spectral power distributions closest to sunlight, and people feel emotionally comfortable under OLED light. Therefore, OLEDs are ideal for places where natural light is unavailable, or for places where good quality light is needed;
No Glare
  • OLED light is a surface light source with no glare and no shadow.
Exposure to glaring light can damage the eyes, and continuous exposure could result in bad eyesight.
No Heat
  • OLED light panels are touchable and easy to handle as it produces very low heat (<35℃), eliminating the need for heat sinks and diffusers
  • OLED light panels are completely free of UV. UV can be a cause of wrinkles, and it also attracts insects.