PLH is custom production: tailors for customized projects

PLH makes tailor-made projects, tailored to match the aesthetics suggested by the architect, to dress and then give new image and electronic devices such as ambient thermostats, components of bus systems, displays and much more.

The PLH Staff, from the Technical Department to the Research and Development Department, is concerned not only with the aesthetic and installation aspects, but also with all the accessories needed for the assembly and for the experts: PLH research on the market if components are already available or makes them custom.


“I believe in ‘Made in Italy’ and I believe in Italian design. I believe that in Italy we can still be protagonists and capable of great things. I think you don’t need to be a great designer to make a successful product, you just need simple ideas and great collaborators.” Enrico Corelli, CEO epic srl

The epic srl brand PLH was born in 2006 to meet the customer’s tailor-made customization requirements for products that didn’t get the proper design development for years: switches.

PLH brings together young Italian professionals who provide their specific know-how for the best end result of the final project.

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