The new wireless system

PLH Aria system is presented with the products Neo Q e Lighter (registered design); a new collaboration with Haute Material (Makeup Wood e Skin Haute Material) has begun.  

2018-01-31T12:16:45+02:00July 3rd, 2017|

PLH and LG Display

Oled products are presented and a collaboration starts with LG Display and Antique Mirror for the new PLH Skin series

2018-02-01T14:10:01+02:00July 3rd, 2016|

Iconic Award 2016

Neo receives the prize for Iconic Awards 2016: Interior Innovation

2018-02-01T14:10:27+02:00July 3rd, 2015|


Toggles are presented as a command element for the Makeup, Skin and Slim series in the line tension and low voltage versions

2018-01-31T12:17:13+02:00July 3rd, 2014|

ADI Index 2013

PLH Neo is selected on Adi Index 2013 and a collaboration starts with Sai Industry for PLH Skin in Cimento Series

2018-01-31T12:17:20+02:00July 3rd, 2013|


  Neo is presented (registered design) and new collaborations with De Castelli and Kvadrat for the Skin series begin

2018-01-31T12:17:27+02:00July 3rd, 2012|

PLH Keyboard, Slim and 24K

The Keyboard, Slim and 24K collections are presented. The collaboration with Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana begins. Keyboard is featured in the prestigious CHRISTMUST 2011 '100 design objects. 100 Italian companies. A journey through Italy of excellence.' Product no. 036

2018-01-31T12:17:37+02:00July 3rd, 2011|

PLH Skin – ADI Index 2010

The collection Skin is presented and a collaboration begins with Jannelli & Volpi, Skin is reported on ADI Index 2010

2018-01-31T12:17:49+02:00July 3rd, 2010|