Not just series production, although serialization is reductive, six collections and endless combinations make PLH unique today at international level for level and quality of customization. PLH is mainly custom production.

What does it mean custom, though? For us custom does not just mean changing nuances and treatments, but experiencing new finishes, new materials (aluminum, brass, copper, steel, DuPont ™ Corian®, etc.) and new shapes.

PLH realizes tailor-made projects, to marry the aesthetics suggested by the architect, or to dress up and give new images to electronic devices such as room thermostats, bus system components, displays and more.

PLH’s staff from the Technical Research and Development Department cares not only about the aesthetic and installation aspects, but also about all the accessories needed for assembly and proper operation: the frames, supports and boxes that PLH searches if they are already available on the market if they are already available or ad hoc.

from the idea to the final product


Preliminary sketch

It is the initial design on which the project is developed. It is built on the idea proposed by the architecture studio.


Preliminary render

It is designed to define the palette of finishes and materials and give an idea of the shape and proportions.


Shape prototyping

When necessary, it’s needed to realize the final dimensions of the object and to evaluate the installation and component aspects. It is made with suitable materials and tools (CNC or rapid prototyping machines).


Executive project and render

It is the phase that engineers the product for the subsequent mechanical machining, preparatory to cost analysis and subsequent production.


Costs analysis and quotation

Following the executive project determines production costs and the quotation.


Final prototyping

It aims to test all the components from a technical, functional and aesthetic point of view.



It is the final phase of the project leading to the delivery and delivery of the final product. Custom production can also be made for a single piece.