In this section you can find answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that are related to the entire production of PLH and its components.

If you have any more commercial or technical questions you can contact our agents and partners.

What does PLH mean?2017-12-27T11:03:03+01:00

In italian, if you read it as a word and not as three separate letters you will get the word “placca” which means switch.

Do the frames have to be grounded?2017-12-27T11:04:26+01:00

Only the metal versions for traditional systems (PLH Makeup and Skin collections with lever) must be grounded for safety reasons and as required by the Product Standards.

Is it possible to use PLH switches with Lutron Homeworks QS systems?2017-12-27T10:51:06+01:00

As indicated in this datasheet, you can use the buttons from the PLH collections with the Lutron Homeworks QS systems using the Lutron QSE-CI-WCI interface. Refer to the manufacturer’s technical datasheet for download here for any additional technical information.

What voltage works for PLH NEO’s LED?2017-12-27T10:52:03+01:00

All network presence leds used on PLH switches and therefore also for NEOs operate up to 30V DC / AC. They have an absorption of 5 mA.

In case of custom products, how many minimum pieces should be ordered?2017-12-27T10:53:01+01:00

The minimum that can be ordered is 1 piece.

How long is it required for the switches production?2017-12-27T10:53:58+01:00

Switches are produced at every order and directly from numerical control machines. Times can vary from 6 to 8 weeks for ‘standard’ products. In the case of custom products, production times depend on the number of ordered pieces, the type of customization, and finishing.

Is it possible to have engravings on the switch plates?2017-12-27T10:55:06+01:00

Yes and it can be done before the finishing treatments (in this case the final color is the same as the switch plate) or later (the writing will be silver on the anodized switch plates or black on black painted ones). Just have a .dwg, .jpg, or .eps file of what you need to engrave and you’ll have your logo, code or letter you chose anywhere you want on the switch plate or pushbutton.

Is it possible to dim the lights with the PLH buttons?2017-12-27T10:56:43+01:00

Dimmering the lamps can be done through our buttons. In case of ‘home automation’ the button manages a dimmer module. In the case of traditional systems, the button acts as a relé switching on a dimmer module. The dimmer modules must be selected according to the type of pilot lamp (led, fluorescent, incandescent). Consult this datasheet and provide it to your Qualified Designer or Installer for further technical insights.

What kind of plugs can be used?2017-12-27T10:58:40+01:00

All PLH products are compatible with leading European cable manufacturers (sockets, data connections, etc.). Among these: BTicino Living Light and Living Light Air, Vimar Eikon, Feller Edition 2, all 55mm standard (Berker, Gira, Jung, etc.). Consult this datasheet and provide it to your Qualified Designer or Installer for further technical insights.


Is it possible to use PLH productsin traditional electrical systems?2017-12-27T11:00:41+01:00

All PLH collections use, for the control part, NORMALLY OPENED BUTTONS for very low voltage systems. ARE NOT SWITCHES and therefore do not directly feed the load.

These buttons can be used for both traditional systems with indirect control via 24 V DC relays, as well as bus installations via connection interfaces as indicated in the downloadable file from here.

Only PLH Makeup and Skin collections with TOGGLES components can be used in traditional systems as they are single point commands, DIVERTERS (two point control) or INVERTORS (command of more than two points in conjunction with deviators).