KEYBOARD, the contemporary plate

The Keyboard 2020 collection renews the iconic electric plates presented in 2011, radically re-developing the refined decorations with state of the art technology. The plate’s focus is on design, where the buttons look like the keys of the computer keyboard, with a playful and contemporary allure. Behind this aesthetic expression is a meticulous project research and development.

10 mm of pure material from solid, from one to four keys

Behind this expressive aesthetic lies a meticulous design and operative processing. The body of the plate, in the 81×81 mm format x 10 mm thick, is machined from solid aluminium 6082 with the most advanced CNC technology and subsequently polished, micro-sanded using glass spheres to give it a refined material texture and lastly, is anodized in different colours from rose, silver, light gold to deep grey. The keys, normally open type for low tension systems, are aligned rigorously in a grid that can contain from 1 to 4 led backlit buttons. They too are in anodized aluminium with black matte finish and are engraved with numbers in computer style.

Keyboard frame

The colour combinations and finishes of the collection can be customized at will and the collection is completed by a round plate compatible with Berker R. classic components.